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The Fall Out Marching Band

A major influence on The Fabulous Dirt Sisters were the many political street bands who existed in the 1970s and 1980s. Street bands used music to mobilise, educate and protest at a time when British culture was veering more and … Continue reading

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To plaque or not to plaque…..

As part of my research trip I asked Deb to take me on a tour of the Dirt Sisters’ Nottingham. Time ran out, as it often does, but we did manage to visit two important places, the wholefood shop mentioned … Continue reading

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Wholefood shops

The late 1970s saw the emergence of wholefood co-operatives such as Suma and Infinity Foods that were premised on the need to have greater contact with and control over the food people bought. The wholefood movement was also linked to … Continue reading

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What is one person’s rubbish is another person’s treasure

You often hear archivists and historians desperately urging people who have lived astonishing lives as activists, artists and culture makers to rummage through their so-called junk and donate it to their nearest archive for posterity. While that flier or minute … Continue reading

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Welcome to this blog that aims to be an archive in many senses. It will be an archive of The Fabulous Dirt Sisters but it will also be used to tell the story of me conducting research about them. The … Continue reading

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