Wholefood shops

The late 1970s saw the emergence of wholefood co-operatives such as Suma and Infinity Foods that were premised on the need to have greater contact with and control over the food people bought. The wholefood movement was also linked to an increasing number of people identifying with the political aspects of vegetarianism and veganism.

One particular wholefood shop is central in the history of the Fabulous Dirt Sisters. Ouroborous, named after a symbol of a snake eating its own tale, representing cyclicality and renewal, was a co-operative wholefood shop in Nottingham. Karunavaca (Dorry) was part of setting it up and the shop provided the stage where all the members either met each other, worked or were invited to join the band.

Natural Food Company is where Ouroborous used to be, taken May 2010

Both Stella and Kaffe were invited by Deb to join the band in the shop – Stella just on the basis of the snazzy yellow trousers she was wearing and the fiddle that was slung over her shoulder. Kaffe was invited to play bass despite never having picked up the instrument in her life. That was the spirit of the band that was began to take a solid shape by 1984.

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