To plaque or not to plaque…..

As part of my research trip I asked Deb to take me on a tour of the Dirt Sisters’ Nottingham. Time ran out, as it often does, but we did manage to visit two important places, the wholefood shop mentioned in the previous post and Karunavaca’s old house where the band used to practise.

Picture of the house in Colville Street where the Dirt Sisters used to practise, May 2010

The band used to practise twice a week from 10-4 in the small room at the back of the house. I said to Deb that we need to get the house plaqued to recognise its historical importance since it is a place where great music was written that deserves to be a permanent part of our cultural heritage.

Deb standing outside the back of Colville Street, May 2010

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