About this blog

The Fabulous Dirt Sisters are one of the most unique bands you have never heard about. Like much of the art, culture and music created by women, the group’s achievements remain invisible to contemporary audiences. Until now.

This blog is here to collect memories and research relating to the history of The Fabulous Dirt Sisters that will bring their art and mischief alive for a new generation to experience. It will act as a celebratory and participatory archive of the band including photos, stories, video, excerpts from oral interviews and, of course, the music itself. The research is part of a wider book project I am conducting about the band that will tell their living biographies and the social, cultural and political history of the 1980s which their music and lives challenged and shaped.

If you ever attended a Fabulous Dirt Sisters gig, saw them playing on the street or at a political action and have a story to tell please contact dirtymemories@gmail.com to share them and we will put them on the blog. Similarly if you have video, audio footage or photographs please send them and we will add them to the archive. Please help document and reclaim the work of these creative women so they will not be invisible from our histories any longer.

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