Kaffe Matthews talking about Street Music

Kaffe Matthews is a great storyteller. During the Dirt Sisters’ busking tours around Europe she kept her band members entertained with vivid recollections of her dreams and stories about her family.

Kaffe Matthews in the late 80s

When I interviewed Kaffe in January 2010 I was enthralled by her ability to spin a tale. In particular I loved hearing her talk about the European busking trips which beautifully captured the audacious way the Dirt Sisters claimed the streets of Europe as their own.

Dorry on the streets. In the right hand corner of the picture you can see the street drums Kaffe talks about in the interview.

In this excerpt Kaffe talks about playing on the street, its influence on the band and her musical career as a whole, and a particularly profitable trip to Zurich in Switzerland.

KaffeMBLOGEDIT by DeborahM

Deb and Dorry wearing the eye catching clothes that Kaffe said was an important part of being successful street musicians.

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